Environmental Sustainability Education

Without healthy ecosystems all life suffers. To ensure that living beings can thrive on Earth, we must learn and teach about environmental stability issues, bringing a solutionary lens to the conflicts that arise between human needs and desires and the environment that sustains life. 

While human rights have been expanding and deepening over time, environmental degradation has also been expanding and deepening (often in direct proportion to growing human prosperity). Yet, it is possible for humans to prosper within ecologically sustainable systems, and solutionaries are creating new ideas for restoring ecosystems and creating green economies. In fact, in many industrialized countries air and water quality have improved over the past fifty years, and there is no reason why humans cannot learn to live in ecologically sustainable ways.

Because climate change, the escalating rate of extinctions, habitat destruction, resource depletion, and pollution are growing threats, humane education includes environmental sustainability among its core topics and prepares people to transform unsustainable systems into ones that enable all life to thrive.