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Ignite your passion.

We believe that education is the key to creating a better world for all people, animals, and the earth. Apply your heart, hands, and mind to become a social change-maker who educates and inspires others to take action—join us today.

Our premiere online programs are fully accredited and offered through an affiliation with Valparaiso (M.Ed., M.A., certificate) and Saybrook (Ph.D. in Organizational Systems with Specialization in Humane Education Leadership) Universities. Our experienced humane education faculty will teach you how to effect systemic change by learning about the interconnected issues of environmental ethics, animal protection, and human rights.

Director of Education, Mary Pat Champeau, describes IHE’s graduate programs in this video series.

Upcoming Deadlines

Spring 2018

January 5

Summer 2018

May 5

Fall 2018

August 5

There are many options from which to choose. Find the one that fits you best.

1. Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Humane Education (36 credits) is designed for classroom educators.

2. Master of Arts (M.A.) in Humane Education (36 credits) is designed for educators who wish to work outside of school settings, such as through community work, non-profits, arts activism, social services, law, and many other professions.

3. Concentration in Humane Education for the M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership (15 credits) is designed for licensed/certified teachers who wish to integrate humane education into their current teaching practice.

4. Concentration in Humane Education for the M.A. in Liberal Studies (15 credits) is designed for individuals who wish to focus their learning on humane education as part of a liberal studies curriculum of their own design.

5. Graduate Certificate in Humane Education (either stand-alone or added to an existing degree) (15 credits) is designed for individuals who wish to add a certificate in Humane Education to their existing credentials. (Most graduate certificate students already have a master’s degree.)

Doctoral Program
1.  Ph.D. in Organizational Systems: Humane Education Specialization is designed for doctoral-level students interested in creating transformational change in educational settings by building global relevance and a systems-oriented approach into their research and practice. Students take the core humane education courses online through Valparaiso (with one residency) for 18 credits and complete the rest of their studies online (with residencies) through Saybrook University.