For Educators

More than any other professionals, educators hold the future in their hands. Will the future be healthy, equitable, and humane? The answer lies with how and what we teach, and whether the next generation is prepared to collaboratively address and solve the challenges of our time.

The Institute for Humane Education is here to help you integrate the most important local and global issues into your curricula and classroom so that your students are engaged, motivated, and prepared to use their ever-evolving academic, critical thinking, and social-emotional skills in the service of addressing community, national, and/or global challenges that concern them.

We offer educators:

Our Solutionary framework, described in full in our free Solutionary Guidebook, provides a step-by-step process that you can integrate into your teaching. 

You can educate your students to be solutionaries! Watch this 3-minute video to be inspired about the impact you can have.

(Please note as you watch the video: we now call our approach a solutionary process rather than a solutionary program. We invite all educators to integrate this process into their existing curricula.)

Watch IHE president Zoe Weil’s webinar for teachers through the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE):