Ed.D. with a specialization in Humane Education

A Doctorate for Educational Professionals Committed to Social Action

The Ed.D. in Educational and Professional Practice with a specialization in Humane Education is designed to prepare educational professionals to use educational practice and leadership in service of more just, sustainable, inclusive, and humane schools, organizations, and communities. Through a transdisciplinary curriculum that includes shared seminars in a diverse learning community and individualized work within the humane education specialization that links human rights, animal protection, environmental ethics, and changemaking, you will be able to develop doctoral research skills to pursue solutions to local and global problems.

This degree is offered in an online, low-residency format.

Program Overview:

This program is intended for educational professionals dedicated to social, economic, and environmental justice in schools and beyond. The program is designed with working adults in mind. Classes are offered online, with a four-day, in-person residency each July on one of the Antioch University campuses. A new cohort will enter the program each spring and summer term. Students who take two courses each term should be able to complete the degree in three years.

You will study with an accomplished, diverse, and caring faculty who will guide you through a transdisciplinary curriculum that integrates scholarship and practice. Your culminating project will be a dissertation that establishes your place among scholar-practitioners who seek workable solutions to complex issues in schools, communities, and national and global settings.

Humane Education Specialization

This Ed.D. program with a specialization in Humane Education is the only program of its kind at the doctoral level. Humane education is an innovative, socially-relevant educational movement that draws connections between human rights, environmental ethics, animal protection, and changemaking. Humane educators teach critical, systems, strategic, and creative thinking to students of all ages and in a range of educational settings, with the goal of preparing people to be solutionaries who address and solve local and global challenges in ways that do the most good and least harm to people, animals, and the environment. The specialization includes five core humane education courses:

Introduction to Humane Education
Environmental Ethics
Animal Protection
Human Rights
Culture and Change

Additionally, you may choose to take courses in other Antioch programs and to transfer credits from previous graduate work. Each student’s dissertation topic will fall within their chosen specialization.

Tuition: $925 per credit hour + $75/semester student service fee

Total tuition: $55,000

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