The world becomes what we teach

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The world calls. Solutionaries answer.

The Center for Solutionary Change provides tools and resources for people of all ages to become solutionaries who identify problems and develop solutions that enable people, animals, and nature to thrive.

For youth and changemakers: For teachers and parents:
  • Free downloadable Solutionary Guidebook to integrate solutionary learning into your curricula
  • Solutionary Unit focused on a provocative real-world question for use in middle and high school classrooms
  • Award-winning Resource Center with lesson plans, activities, and materials covering a range of issues for all grade levels
  • Workshops and other professional development opportunities that invite you to dive into the solutionary process more deeply.
  • Solutionary materials from our partners in the San Mateo County, CA Office of Education.
“We are thrilled to be working with IHE to bring solutionary learning to our entire county, serving 113,000 students in 170 public schools (23 school districts) and 100 private schools. The concepts and principles in The World Becomes What We Teach have provided our curriculum and instructional services team with a strong educational philosophy that builds a deep sense of urgency for action and sustainable transformation within our school communities.”
– Andra Yeghoian, Environmental Literacy Coordinator, San Mateo County Office of Education