The World Becomes What We Teach
Zoe Weil—author, educator, and president of the Institute for Humane Education—describes how we can (and must) transform education and teaching; create such a generation; and build such a future.
Most Good, Least Harm
Learn direct ways to become involved with the community, make better choices as consumers, and develop positive messages to live by, and discover that our simple decisions really can change the world.
The Power and Promise of Humane Education
Inspiring young people to live humane values is among the most important work you can do to build a better world.
Above All, Be Kind: Raising a Humane Child in Challenging Times
Above All, Be Kind shows you how to teach children to be humane in the broadest sense: not only to become more compassionate towards family and friends, but also to make choices that demonstrate respect for the environment, other species, and all people.
Claude and Medea: The Hellburn Dogs
Winner of the 2008 Moonbeam Award A strange substitute teacher with interesting ideas sparks Medea and Claude to think about the world and the choices they make, which leads them on a mysterious hunt to rescue kidnapped dogs.
So, You Love Animals: An Action-Packed, Fun-Filled Book to Help Kids Help Animals
So, You Love Animals teaches children (best for ages 9-12) about what is happening to animals in our world and offers hundreds of activities to help young people enjoy animals and nature and become involved in their protection.