Marco Solucionador

Utiliza este proceso de cuatro fases que puede ser utilizado para convertirse en solucionadores. Grados: Adaptable a todas las edades Recursos Relacionados de IHE: Emite tu Voto

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Resources: Human rights for all?

Derechos Humanos para Todos?

Esta actividad ayuda a los estudiantes a familiarizarse con la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos. Grados: 9 en adelante.Time: 45-60 minutes Related IHE Resources: El estómago de la Ballena

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Resources: Human rights for all?

Human Rights for All?

This activity familiarizes students with the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and inspires them to think about ways to take action. Recommended for: Grades 9 and up.Time: 45-60 minutes Related IHE Resources: Power Chat

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Resources: Council of all beings

Consejo de Todos Los Seres Vivos

¿Qué espera una montaña? ¿Y un lobo, una vaca o un rio? Los participantes deben de convertirse en una parte de la naturaleza y compartir sus vidas, preocupaciones, esperanzas y conocimiento del ser que son en un Consejo. Recomendado para grados 4 en adelante Duración: 60-120 minutos

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Early Childhood Humane Education Book List

This list of books was carefully selected to combine peace, wonder, curiosity, and inclusion into early childhood classrooms. Grades: Preschool to third grade. Related IHE Resources: The Wonder Box, Recommended Books for Humane Educators

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Resources: Racism Alphabet

Racism Alphabet

Lesson for teaching about racism: students explore examples of racism, consider perspectives, and discuss ways to eradicate racism in our society.

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Help students explore and reflect upon their snap perceptions of others and show how stereotypes can limit receptivity.

Grades: 6 and up
Time: 20-30 minutes

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Resources: Power Chat

Power Chat

What are the problems of the world? What tools and skills do I have to make a positive impact? This activity can serve as a good icebreaker to allow fellow advocates to know each other better and to focus on important issues, or it can serve as an introduction for exploring what each (and all) of us can do for positive social change.

Recommended grades: 6 and up
Time: 30 minutes or more

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conflict negotiation

Teach About Conflict Resolution

Find suggested books, websites, articles, videos, lesson plans, activities and other resources related to conflict resolution to help you learn and/or teach about this topic. Save

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