by Kim Snyder Independent Lens, 2016. 82 mins Grades 8 and up “How do you grieve for 26 people all…
Making Nonhuman Animals Visible with the We Animals Archive
by Marsha Rakestraw In our human-centric world, the plight of nonhuman animals – especially those we exploit for our own…
We Animals Archive
The We Animals Archive is a collection of photos and videos by animal rights photographer and humane educator Jo-Anne McArthur.…
by Ben Moon Felt Soul Media, 2015. 7:00 min Denali the dog narrates the story of his relationship with his…
5 Must-See Films About Masculinity
by Marsha Rakestraw “Strength is about adapting to change, not about retreating from it and lashing back with violence out…
Teaching About Race and Racism
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Find useful resources (books, articles, lesson plans, videos, etc.) for teaching about issues related to race and racism. Save Save
Teaching and Learning About Islamophibia
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Resources (books, articles, videos, lesson plans and more) to help learn and teach about issues related to Islamophobia.
Global Issues Guides
Find suggested resources about what’s happening in Syria to help you learn and/or teach about this topic.
Social Psychology & Cognitive Science
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Resources about why we make the choices we do, what influences us, and what humane educators and changemakers need to…
Self-Care for Changemakers
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Find resources to help humane educators and changemakers maintain health and balance and practice self-care and -compassion.
Refugee and Immigration Issues
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Find books, articles, videos, lesson plans & more related to refugee and immigration issues to help you teach and/or learn…
The Power of Language
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Language and word choice can have enormous influence. Use these videos, articles, lesson plans and other resources to help you…