Engaged Philosphy
Engaged Philosophy offers educators and students tools and resources for creating a better world through civic engagement. The website includes…
Kids That Do Good
Kids That Do Good offers a platform to help children and teens, ages 5-18, connect with organizations that encourage children…
11 Activities for Teaching About Advertising
by Marsha Rakestraw In her TEDx talk, “Educating for Freedom,” IHE President Zoe Weil highlights how our culture inundates us…
Global Opportunity Explorer
Global Opportunity Explorer is “the world’s largest platform of sustainable solutions” and “guides you through hundreds of sustainable solutions and…
Resources to Help Teach Systems Thinking
by Marsha Rakestraw “Living successfully in a world of complex systems means expanding not only time horizons and thought horizons;…
Scrubbing Our Assumptions About Our Students
by Marsha Rakestraw and Mary Pat Champeau “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once…
Water Issues
Global Issues Guides
Find suggested books, websites, articles, videos, lesson plans, activities and other resources on water issues to help you learn and/or…
Waste and Recycling Issues
Global Issues Guides
Resources (books, videos, lesson plans, articles, and more) to help teach and/or learn about issues related to waste, trash, garbage,…
Teaching About Race and Racism
Global Issues Guides
Find useful resources (books, articles, lesson plans, videos, etc.) for teaching about issues related to race and racism. Save Save
Teaching and Learning About Islamophibia
Global Issues Guides
Resources (books, articles, videos, lesson plans and more) to help learn and teach about issues related to Islamophobia.
Teaching and Learning About Bees
Global Issues Guides
We rely on bees for most of our food, and bees are dying by the millions (if not billions). Use…
Global Issues Guides
Find suggested resources about what’s happening in Syria to help you learn and/or teach about this topic.