Each week find a round-up of selected news and resources related to global ethical issues and positive solutions that you can use in your solutionary teaching/work.

Here’s some recent news worth knowing:

Small steps toward positive solutions …

  • A rat who got trapped in a manhole in Germany was rescued by firefighters, and the firefighters were praised by a couple of young friends of animals.
  • Several New Orleans-based bail bond companies were ordered to “repay nearly $6 million in illegal profits they took from as many as 50,000 low-income residents and their families.”
  • New research suggests that countries that invest financially and via policy in more renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other low-carbon practices and that are moving away from fossil fuels “are making progress in reducing CO2 emissions.”
  • Toledo, Ohio (US), has passed the “Lake Erie Bill of Rights,” which establishes the lake as a person with legal rights. The new law allows “the people of Toledo to act as legal guardians for Lake Erie – as if the citizens were the parents and the lake were their child – and polluters of the lake could be sued to pay for cleanup costs and prevention programs.”
  • After months of public outrage and lobbying, Russian authorities have ordered the release of almost 100 illegally kidnapped and captive whales who have been held in cruel conditions, with plans for them to be sold to aquariums and parks in China.

In the courts …

We must do better …

Did you know? …

Be sure to add this resource to your solutionary educator toolkit:

  • Since Parkland is a joint adult and student journalist project that has captured the stories and repercussions of the 1,200 young people in the US who have been killed by guns in the 12 months since the Parkland shootings. One of the student reporters has written about her experience on the project.


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