Fourteen years ago, Marsha Rakestraw enrolled in our Humane Education Certificate Program. She was an outstanding student, full of ideas for IHE’s website and online learning opportunities. So, when she graduated and reached out to tell us she wanted to implement those ideas, we hired her.

After twelve years directing IHE’s online educational resources, Marsha has resigned to pursue new growth opportunities, and I imagine that you, like me, will miss her weekly blog posts, “What’s New Wednesdays,” and much more.

marsha rakestraw

As just some of what Marsha has contributed… she has curated our award-winning resource center, produced many of our popular lesson plans and activities, created fantastic global issues guides, co-developed our Solutionary Unit, and made so many useful Pinterest boards. These resources are used by thousands of educators, most likely you among them.

Marsha has refined and developed new online courses for IHE, which she’s facilitated with the perfect combination of support, guidance, and suggestions to students that have helped each of them grow and become the best humane educators they can be. Over the past eighteen months she’s also co-developed and co-facilitated the teacher professional development course for our Solutionary Program.

IHE has greatly benefited from Marsha’s astute, insightful thinking; her wealth of humane education knowledge; her exceptional research and writing skills; her attention to detail; and so much more.

We will miss you, Marsha. Thank you for your profound contribution to the field of humane education and for all you’ve contributed at IHE.

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