by Zoe Weil

As the year draws to an end, I wanted to share just three ways in which IHE has had an impact in 2018.

1. In San Mateo county, CA (95,000+ students), the Office of Education is internalizing our solutionary approach as the core educational philosophy for their curriculum and instructional team and has shared my book, The World Becomes What We Teach, with hundreds of teachers.

2. Our Solutionary Program pilot culminated in a powerful Solutionary Summit, where dozens of students presented their work to hundreds of fellow students, faculty, and community members. If you haven’t watched our short video about the Solutionary Program, please do. You’ll feel inspired and excited about what is possible when we educate a generation of solutionaries.

3. Humane educators whom we’ve trained this year brought what they learned not only to schools and communities across the US and Canada, but also to Africa, South America, Central America, and Europe.

Two weeks ago, I led a teachers’ workshop in Detroit, and I will let the words of three of the participants speak for themselves:

“I am so thankful that we got to practice tools that will actually help my students become critical thinkers…. I now believe that my actions can make a change.”

“The activities were engaging and something I can use in my classrooms. There was time to really discuss and start to think about the roots of the problems.”

“You have restored my hope.

Perhaps reading these words brings you hope as well.

In these challenging times, educating solutionaries matters more than ever.

We wish you all the very best for the new year and thank you for all that you do to bring about a more just, healthy, and humane world.