Each week find a round-up of selected resources, news stories, and commentary related to humane living, global ethical issues, and positive solutions.

Here’s some news to know for this week:

  • Via The Nation: Resegregation of American schools happening with permission of US government
    An in-depth report focuses on efforts by mostly white schools in Alabama to secede and become their own districts, which results in increased desegregation and lost opportunities by students of color.
  • Via NY Times: Study: White people greatly underestimate the wealth gap between whites and blacks
    A new study reveals that “Americans believe that blacks and whites are more equal today than they truly are on measures of income, wealth, wages and health benefits. And they believe more historical progress has occurred than is the case, suggesting ‘a profound misperception of and unfounded optimism’ regarding racial equality.
  • Via Reuters: California ban on foie gras is revived by appeals court
    A federal appeals court has overturned a lower court ruling that had struck down the original law, passed in 2012, banning foie gras made from force-fed ducks and geese. The ban in California will now be revived.
  • Via Des Moines Register: Satellites have uncovered more than 5,000 animal confinement operations in Iowa
    As part of an agreement with the EPA, Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources, which regulates animal confinement operations, used satellite imagery and discovered “nearly 50% more animal feeding operations than the state initially inventoried.” While many are deemed too small for the state to regulate, more than 1,000 “could require some level of state oversight.”
  • Via NY Times: Western food companies bring processed and junk food to Brazil, contributing to obesity and other health problems
    A NYT investigation looks at the business practices of big food companies such as Nestlé, that are striving to bring their products to every corner of countries like Brazil. With the increase in consumption of processed and unhealthy foods, have come increases in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.
  • Via BBC: New analysis shows nonhuman species most at risk are the largest and smallest
    A new analysis by scientists reveals that both the largest vertebrates and the smallest animal species are most in danger of extinction. “Heavyweights are threatened mainly by hunting, while featherweights are losing out to pollution and logging.”
  • Via Common Dreams: New report reveals 40 million human slaves worldwide
    New reports, produced by the UN’s International Labor Organization and by the Walk Free Foundation, revealed that more than 40 million humans were victims of modern slavery in 2016, including 25 million in forced labor of some kind, and 15 million in forced marriages.

And add this resource to your humane education/solutionary toolkit:

  • Race And… via Race Forward
    This series of videos explores “the ways that race compounds and intersects with all the other issues faced by people of color. Each video features a different artist, activist, or thinker, sharing their lived experience of how race intertwines with their other identities, and how that mix impacts their lives both personally and systemically.”