by Marsha Rakestraw

Note: Last updated 12/4/17

In the past couple months there have been overwhelming natural disasters in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas, Mexico, India, Nepal, and elsewhere.

There have been terrorist attacks in multiple countries.

And war, violence, and destruction seem to be constant headlines.

And just yesterday, a new tragedy.

One headline yesterday read “More than 58 killed and 500 injured in mass shooting.”

When we encounter such devastating news, we can be overwhelmed with grief, rage, despair, fear, and hopelessness.

But as adults we have at least some shred of coping mechanisms and the capacity to understand some of the deeper issues of such a tragedy.

How do such horrific events affect our young people?

How do they view themselves, the world, and their future after such violence and destruction?

How can we help them learn to cope and to gain a deeper understanding (as appropriate) of the issues involved?

Here are several resources that can help educators and parents.

It’s vital that we protect children, while also empowering them to be informed, compassionate, resilient citizens who are raised to be solutionaries striving for a just, peaceful world for all.


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