The world needs compassionate acts more than ever.

In honor of this holiday season, the IHE staff have shared some of our favorite quotes about compassion and kindness that have inspired us and helped lift us up when we’ve felt ourselves tumbling into despair or have felt ourselves drifting away from what matters.

We hope you find inspiration and determination among these words of wisdom.

William Penn quote "I expect to pass...." with background of hands touching each other, with painted symbols on the backs of some hands


Hafiz quote "Everyone you see, you say to them..." with background of set of tealights in jars

Cesar Chavez quote "Kindness and compassion..." with background of little mouse

Desmond Tutu quote "We are each made for goodness..." with background of a deer in the fallling snow

Talmud quote "Do not be daunted..." with background of hand reaching toward a sunrise

Albert Einstein quote "Our task must be to free..." with background of ladybug on a grass stem

Nischala Joy Devi quote "If you lose yourself..." with background of person's hand and face on rainy window

Mary Anne Radmacher quote "There is no small act..." with background of hands holding butterfly