by Marsha Rakestraw

Infusing humane education into classrooms can happen year-round, but how teachers set the stage at the beginning of the year significantly influences the rest of the year.

Especially for new teachers, there is a lot to consider: curriculum, policies, how to decorate (or not) the room, those first days of welcoming and orienting students, and more.

We at IHE have created Pinterest boards that offer resources, lesson plans, strategies, and ideas to help (especially new) elementary school and secondary school teachers set up their classrooms to invite and explore humane education values, issues, and principles.

Check out our boards for elementary teachers and for secondary school teachers, and be sure to follow them, as we’ll be adding to them regularly.

For extra support in bringing humane education into your classroom, sign up for our six-week online course for educators, Teaching for a Positive Future. It starts October 3.

You can also join our new Solutionary Teachers Facebook group.

Your Turn!

  • Tell us about your favorite humane education classroom resources.
  • What are your biggest obstacles to infusing humane education into your classroom?
  • What are you most excited about for the new school year?

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