by Marsha Rakestraw

“… the world’s future depends on global citizens.”

Globally, news stories and conversations abound about keeping certain kinds of people (refugees, immigrants, people with beliefs we fear) out of “our” borders. We hear talk of protecting “our” citizens. Of dealing with “our” problems before helping others.

But in our globalized 21st century, most problems are global problems, and our hope for solving those global challenges depends on people embracing their roles as global citizens.

Hugh Evans, co-founder of Global Citizen, describes a global citizen as “someone who self-identifies first and foremost not as a member of a state, a tribe or a nation, but as a member of the human race, and someone who is prepared to act on that belief, to tackle our world’s greatest challenges.”

In his TED talk, Hugh outlines how catalyzing and empowering global citizens is leading to meaningful changes across boundaries and that last beyond political elections.

Watch his talk (16:56 min):

Hugh’s talk is an inspiring example of how people working together can effect meaningful progress toward a better world.

Use his talk in the classroom to inspire your solutionary students, and send it to your friends and family who need a boost of hope and a reminder that we all can make a difference.

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