by Zoe Weil

The world needs solutionaries—people who have the knowledge and skills to create a more just, humane, and sustainable planet. As fellow humane educators and changemakers, you know that our future depends on it—and you can help.

At IHE, we couldn’t be more proud of the thousands of solutionaries we have trained, educated, and supported over the past 19 years. And we couldn’t be more grateful for all the support we’ve received.

Please make your end-of-year gift today to support us in continuing our work to create a generation of solutionaries, like those mentioned below:

  • Our recent M.Ed. graduate, Shanthi Duraisamy, a solutionary educator who transitioned from a computer science career to become a humane educator in India, now runs her own education program that teaches children of all ages the value of a healthy, humane, and harmonious world and the steps to take to create it.
  • Glenn Kendall, a former National Park Service employee and long-time youth advocate, is using his IHE graduate degree to establish a public ecovillage model for vulnerable children — the first of its kind in the country, where residents will learn the benefits of plant-based eating, grow their own food in a community garden, and focus on creating positive mind habits.
  • Rosana Ng, a recent M.Ed. graduate, is putting everything she’s learned at IHE to use as the Senior Manager at Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong. Rosana came to IHE after a career in clothing manufacturing, waking up to a powerful desire to make a difference in her life. Now she creates environmental and humane education programs for schools through Roots & Shoots and is nurturing young leaders across the globe to help people, animals, and the environment.
  • Current IHE graduate student Felice Clyne-Davis’s fifth grade class in a NYC public school tackled the issue of animal abuse with a creative approach, educating others through their own musical adaptation of my children’s book, Claude and Medea.

Our new strategic plan lays out the steps IHE will be taking to expand and deepen our impact over the next five years. Our goals are: 1) to engage youth and schools in solving real-world problems through the Solutionary Congress program; 2) to double the size, reach, and offerings of our premier graduate programs, already a gold standard for online education programs; and 3) to scale our reach globally through our e-learning programs and resources.

Your year-end gift will help fund these vital programs and directly impact our ability to train, educate, inspire, and support more solutionaries.

Just one gift can provide a life-changing experience to a student, a teacher, a school, or a community who then takes that knowledge into the world to improve the lives of so many others.

It’s really quite simple. We can and must educate a generation of solutionaries. We are so grateful for your partnership in doing so.

Please make your generous donation today. Thank you for being on this journey with us.