happy family in their yardRaising thriving, kind children who take delight in making choices that help people, animals, and the earth is a joy. But in today’s world, with a culture steeped in violence and consumerism, it’s also a challenge. Parenting using the humane education lens and tools can sometimes feel isolating and disheartening. But modeling a message of compassion and justice, building a community of support, and taking positive action to create a better world for all is deeply rewarding.

And as IHE president Zoe Weil said, “Parenting our children in this way brings its own joy, meaning, and great satisfaction because we ourselves choose to live with integrity, honesty, kindness, wisdom and perseverance which is the best antidote to fear, despair, and disempowerment, and perhaps the greatest gift we can give our kids.”

We’ve compiled a variety of articles, ideas, and resources for helping parents raise compassionate, conscientious children who become committed citizens and solutionaries. Check out our new Humane Parenting Pinterest board.