by Marsha Rakestraw

Although about 71% of the Earth is covered by oceans, and we know that there is a whole world below the water’s edge, we can easily forget about our impact on those habitats and the beings living in them.

Reports have noted that at our current rate of overfishing, “there will be little or no seafood available for a sustainable harvest by 2048.”

Millions of other beings die as “bycatch” or from other factors related to industrial fishing.

Trillions of fish are killed each year either to feed humans or to feed the fish who feed humans.

And thousands of men and children are enslaved to work on fishing boats and in the industry.

Our decision to eat sea creatures at all, let alone at an unprecedented unsustainable rate, has wreaked havoc on people, animals, and the earth.

A variety of solutions are available, but we humans struggle with choosing short-term needs and desires over long-term positive solutions.

We — and countless other beings — depend on the oceans for our very survival.

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