by Marsha Rakestraw

As humane educators and changemakers it’s important that we understand what motivates and drives people and what inspires or prevents them from forming new habits and making certain choices. It’s also essential that we know more about our own biases and influences.

An understanding of the value of social psychology and cognitive science is increasing as more studies reveal the quirks and details of how we make decisions, why we believe what we do, and what persuades us.

It’s no longer enough to offer people information and assume that knowing equals doing.

Nurturing the situations, motivations, and values of positive change – which often vary depending on the person – is key.

Our new Social Psychology global issues guide features resources about why we make the choices we do, what influences us, and what humane educators and changemakers need to know to be more effective in inspiring others to make positive changes.


Image via Saad Faruque/Flickr.