DVD cover: Project Wild Thing

by Marsha Rakestraw

How can we get kids (and adults) to fall in love with the natural world again? How do we get them to put down their screens and get outside?

David Bond, filmmaker and parent, didn’t like how little time his kids were spending outside; so he named himself Marketing Director of Nature and set out on a journey to find out how to reconnect the children of Britain – including his own – with the natural world.

In Project Wild Thing (80 min, 2013) Bond takes viewers on an insightful and inspiring journey as he wholly embraces his campaign to market nature to British citizens.

With a lot of help and pro-bono support, Bond and crew create an app, videos, marketing materials, guides for parents, and more, in an attempt to compete with omnipresent  advertisements for consumer goods.

Along the way he talks with parents, children, and experts about why children don’t go outside anymore and what we can do to help people see nature as the ultimate adventure.

Project Wild Thing is a fun and useful film for discussing our relationship with the natural world, our biological need for nature, and the challenges of connecting with nature in a culture overwhelmed with corporate marketing and a built environment.