Book cover: Gunny and the Magical Pack

by Marsha Rakestraw

Gunny and The Magical Pack by Amy Elizabeth Cranmer (74 pgs)

For the last several years, Gunny has known only violence and cruelty as a “bait” dog.

Lying injured on the side of the road, he waits for the end to come.

But when a kind woman rescues Gunny, and a series of compassionate people help him, Gunny’s life changes.

Despite the terrible injuries and neglect to his heart and body, Gunny’s loving spirit shines through, and he finds himself part of The Magical Pack and on the road to recovery as a happy, healthy, beloved family member and ambassador for survivors of dog fighting.

Based on a true story, Gunny’s journey is heartbreaking and inspiring. Readers learn a bit about dog fighting while also being exposed to the kindness of animal rescuers.

The author (who is Gunny’s “Mom”) offers a postscript summary about the continued prevalence of dog fighting, which is illegal in the U.S.

Gunny is useful for launching a discussion about issues such as dog fighting, animal cruelty, compassion, and being a changemaker.


Image courtesy StubbyDog.