Gratitude is such an important part of humane education and changemaking. Since today is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., we on the IHE staff wanted to share with you what we’re thankful for.

And we’d like to take a moment to say how grateful we are for your support and everything you’re doing to create a better world for all. We couldn’t do this work without you.  Thank You So Much!


Emma Mathis“I am thankful for my many families: my parents who support and encourage me to follow my heart; my friends who challenge me to be my best self; my mentors who guide me through the unpredictable.”
~ Abba Carmichael, IHE digital and media marketing manager



Mary Pat Champeau“I am thankful for the peace, beauty, love and friendship that is abundant in the world; and for anything that makes me laugh out loud!”
~ Mary Pat Champeau, IHE director of education





Cynthia Daniel“I am grateful for wind: wind that brings a change of weather, wind that clears the way for the next moment, wind that becomes breath, wind that swirls and lifts and turns us toward the future.”
~ Cynthia Daniel, IHE graduate faculty



“One of my wonderful students shared with me how she celebrates Thanksgiving: a community potluck event called Thanksliving hosted by Not bad, huh? Happy Thanksliving to all!”
~ Melissa Feldman, IHE graduate faculty




unnamed-2“I am grateful for having the privilege to stand up for what I believe.”
~ Alison Foster, IHE marketing and communications manager





“I am thankful for the connected hearts and minds, staunch gardeners of love, who water the seeds of hope to nurture bountiful gardens of lasting social change.”
~ Chitra Golestani, IHE graduate faculty




Lexie Greer“I am grateful for this lifetime, for the practice of holding compassion and suffering in the same breath and for my strength and health that carry me across the miles. I am grateful for my resilient heart that keeps me dedicated to my values and the causes I believe in. I am filled with gratitude for the amazing group of people at IHE and my fellow alum whose honesty, compassion, and dedication is humbling. And I am grateful for my husband, our dogs, and my friends and family near and far for teaching me patience, love, tolerance, and that daily naps are good medicine.”
~ Lexie Greer, IHE online course faculty


Rachel-sq“Recently there has been a lot of violence in our world (as there sadly often is), and I am grateful to be practicing and teaching the notion that it is only because of a perceived separation between self and other that we have animosity, judgement, hatred, war. This separation that we perpetuate is between human and animal, human and environment, human to human, and even separation within one’s self. So, my gratitude is in realizing this: if each of us can work on dissolving the perceived separation between self and other, our entire world can change. Radically. Immediately. I am thankful the power is in our hands. I am grateful to be able to effect change within me, right here, right now, and to help others do the same. I am grateful that you and I are the solution.”
~ Rachel Josephs, IHE Solutionary Congress program director


Marsha Rakestraw“I’m grateful for a warm, dry, safe place to sleep, for loving family and friends, for all those who inspire me to continue this work, and for the growing awakening in the world that we all have the power to make a meaningful difference for people, animals, and the earth.”
~ Marsha Rakestraw, IHE director of education resources and alumni relations





Sarah Speare“In the midst of the atrocities we are witnessing toward fellow humans, our animal brothers and sisters, and our precious mother earth, I am humbled by nature’s resilience and teachings, and by the human spirit. I am grateful to be alive in this era of transition when our hearts, minds, and collective action will lead us to a balanced, healthy and humane world—and grateful for the web of hope and change offered through humane education.”
~ Sarah Speare, IHE executive director



Kristine Tucker“I’m grateful for family, friends, and the meta-narrative of emergence, creativity, and transformation.“
~ Kristine Tucker, IHE graduate faculty





Heather-Veleanu“I’m grateful for the natural world’s effortless ability to provide healing and perspective, friends and family who embrace compassion, and the media’s enthusiasm for vegan thanksgiving recipes!”
~ Heather Veleanu, IHE director of development




Zoe Weil“I’m grateful for IHE’s staff, faculty, partners, students, graduates, and supporters. Without this amazing group of compassionate, dedicated, generous people, we would not be able to do the work we are doing to create a more equitable, regenerative, and humane world through education.”
~ Zoe Weil, IHE president and co-founder




Lynne Westmoreland“I am grateful for friends who know how to just BE. Friends who are so complete and centered in themselves that they light the way for others. I am grateful for the millions who refuse to hate, to turn away, or to blame but show all of us the power of vision and optimism and joy.”
~ Lynne Westmoreland, IHE online course faculty