by Marsha Rakestraw

One of my favorite questions to ask people is what they’d do with their time if money were not an issue.

There are a range of responses focused on fun, relaxation, and personal growth; but most frequently people say they would spend a lot of their time working in some way to create a better world. People want to make a difference. And many would really like to get paid to do it.

But finding a world-changing career or job that reflects your values and passions, uses your skills, and pays a living wage can be a challenge.

To help you find changemaking work that fits your values, check out these nine resources.

(Note that the jobs listed with these resources don’t necessarily reflect comprehensive humane education/changemaking values.)

1. 80000 Hours
You won’t find job listings here, but you will find lots of great advice for finding “work you enjoy that makes a big difference.”

2. APHE (Association of Professional Humane Educators)
APHE posts humane education-related jobs, many of which are with humane societies and animal shelters.

3. Be Social Change
This site posts job and internship openings for “purpose-driven professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives.”

4. Compassionate Careers
A Facebook group that posts job listings in animal welfare, sustainability, and social justice.

5. Grassroots Jobsource
From Orion magazine, this listing of jobs and internships “connects the green leaders of tomorrow with good work today.”

6. Idealist
Idealist connects “idealists with opportunities for action” including job postings (and internship and volunteer opportunities) from around the world.

7. Jobscoop
This jobs board lists openings related to “nonprofit, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, or social entrepreneurship.”

8. Opportunity Knocks (OK)
OK is a jobs board focused on jobs in the nonprofit sector for people “who want to change the world.”

9. Vegan Job Board
Vegan Mainstream posts job and internship listings for vegan and animal protection organizations and businesses.

In addition to sites like those listed, if there are particular companies/organizations you’d love to work for, be sure to bookmark their websites and keep track of job openings.

And remember that the world of work is changing in the 21st century. Many people are getting creative by piecing together meaningful work into a livable income, as well as starting their own businesses, nonprofits, and other income-generating initiatives.