by Marsha Rakestraw

We find credit card offers in our mailboxes and online all the time. Companies try to lure us away with promises of (temporary) low interest rates, bonus this and cash-back that. And because this is the digital age, many of us embrace using at least one credit card; it’s an easy and convenient way to pay for our stuff.

But what we often don’t think about is the impact on people, animals, and the earth of the particular credit card company we’ve chosen. Many of the mainstream cards from bigger corporations mean that with every swipe we’re supporting oil and coal projects, predatory lending, foreclosure scandals, and more.

For those of us looking for a more MOGO (most good/least harm) credit card, there are a variety of options that allow us to support a more socially- and ecologically-healthy world, and still get a few personal perks.

Green America recently promoted its VISA card, along with a variety of other cards that are issued by community development banks and credit unions; many of them are “affinity” cards that help support organizations and causes striving to be more socially responsible. Additionally, Green America’s “Take Charge of Your Card” site offers news and resources for people looking for information about more MOGO credit cards, such as how various credit card companies rank and how to find community development banks and credit unions.

And remember that when your card expires, you may be able to recycle (or upcycle) it. Check your local municipality to see if it recycles #3 plastic; if not, surf the web for an abundance of ideas for repurposing the plastic.

Image via Head.