by Marsha Rakestraw

Happy New Year! 2016 promises to be a year full of enormous changes, and even more opportunities for people to experience humane education and become changemakers and solutionaries.

We’re always curious about which of our blog posts our readers find the most interesting and useful, so we thought we’d share our 15 most popular blog posts that were written in 2015. Enjoy!

15. Empower Don’t Paralyze: 6 Tips for Sharing About Global Ethical Issues

14. Extending Empathy, Even When It’s Most Difficult

13. 5 Minute Changemaker: Download an App for a Better World

12. Getting the Child Slave Labor Out of Your Shopping Cart

11. How Kind to Animals Is Your Country?

10. Changemaking 101: Hosting a Film Screening

9. Humane Educator’s Toolbox: “Beyond Carnism”

8. 14 Children’s Picture Books About Solutionaries

7. Why We Need Humane Education: Children Form Opinions About Nonhuman Animals Early

6. I Am a Humane Educator: Rosana Ng

5. Beating the “Backfire Effect”

4. 5 Things to Do With Old Clothes

3. 14 Children’s Books About Refugees

2. 5 Sources for Social Justice Songs

1. 4 Video Resources for Exploring Race, Racism, Stereotypes, and Microaggressions


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