understanding prejudice website screenshotAs much as we want to believe otherwise, prejudice is still a significant element of society. And many of us who would claim to be completely unprejudiced have biases that we may not even be aware of.

The website UnderstandingPrejudice.org offers a wealth of information and resources for students, educators, and others interested in exploring issues of prejudice and bias.

The website includes a plethora of resources, including a Teacher’s Corner with  suggested tips, activities, and even children’s books; links to websites, articles and other readings; a multimedia center with relevant short videos; and links to relevant organizations and experts by topic (racism, heterosexism, reducing prejudice, etc.). I also like that they include an exploration of speciesism as an element of prejudice.

One of the most compelling and useful aspects of the website are the interactive surveys, quizzes, and tours on topics such as “Test Yourself for Hidden Bias,” “What’s Your Native IQ?” and “Where Do You Draw the Line?” (Note that most of the interactive elements require you to first register, but doing so allows you to track your responses over time.)

It’s amazing what you can discover about yourself from these quizzes and surveys. Check out the site and improve your knowledge while decreasing your hidden biases.

And educators, be sure to bookmark this site as a go-to for resources and ideas on exploring and teaching about issues of prejudice and bias.

~ Marsha

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