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Have you ever imagined stepping into a classroom, or gathering a group of curious kids, and opening their eyes to the possibility of a healthy, peaceful and sustainable world—one that they create with the tools and skills you share and celebrate? Four weeks is all you need to start the transformation: IHE’s online course Teaching for a Positive Future gets underway July 8. To give you a preview of the possibilities, I asked course instructor Marsha Rakestraw a couple of questions.


Q: What do students find surprising about the course content or how the course unfolds?

A: I think the biggest surprise is the allure and inspiration found in the Online Commons (our discussion board). It’s hard to stay away from all the ideas, questions, new knowledge and resources zinging around in there. Students are also often amazed at how many other educators share their vision; it’s so heartening to discover not only that you’re not alone, but how many others you have in your corner, ready to offer help and support.


Q: How is this course informed and/or enhanced by the material in the IHE online Resource Center?

A: Several of the assignments rely directly on resources from our website. Additionally, as participants begin cultivating ways to infuse humane education in their work, they return again and again to the lesson plans, books, websites and other resources we offer to help support their efforts. We receive so many compliments about how useful the Resource Center is to their work … and how fun it is to discover new goodies!


Q: What do you find most rewarding about teaching this course?

A: I love all the wonderful collaboration that occurs during and beyond the course. Participants are so supportive of each other and often develop long-lasting relationships that manifest humane education in inspiring and meaningful ways. It’s also very heartening to help support and mentor so many people who are passionate about education as a catalyst for creating a better world for all, and to see their confidence, skills and vision for what’s possible grow. I learn so much from every group of students.

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