Image courtesy Elvert Barnes/Flickr.
Image courtesy Elvert Barnes/Flickr.

Art and literature are powerful tools for social change.

If you’re a classroom humane educator who is passionate about using words and images to explore social justice education, check out this call for submissions for the literary anthology Voices for Social Justice in Education.

Editors Julie Landsman, Rosanna Salcedo, and Paul Gorski are looking for poetry, creative non-fiction, short stories, visual art and other types of writing and visual art that “paint a picture of what justice and injustice look like in our schools.”

According to their description:

In this Voices for Social Justice in Education anthology we desire writing that brings the reality of schooling to life. We want poems about 3rd period physics, short stories about recess in the second grade one hot spring afternoon. We want memoir about your best and worst teachers. We want essays about what is working now, at this moment, in your classroom—what makes a difference in the lives of your students, what is making your school a place students want to be or don’t want to be. We want to know in vivid language, be it from memories or journal entries, in the form of spoken word or in a carefully constructed short story, what social justice means in schools today. What are your hopes and how do they play out? What matters to you when you walk in the door of your building, when you stand up in front of class, when you are late for your last class of the day?

The deadline for submissions is midnight, January 15, 2014.

This project offers a wonderful opportunity for classroom humane educators who excel at literature and art to share your voice, highlight your work, and amplify the power of humane education (social justice) in schools.

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