A Year at Mission Hill screenshotWe spend a lot of time in our national conversations about education (via the media) talking about what’s wrong. What’s wrong with students, with teachers, with policies, with testing, with reforms.

We don’t spend enough time sharing stories of the learning revolutions already occurring, and about the kind of education that’s possible.

A Year at Mission Hill is an exciting and ambitious project to do just that; it’s a 10-part video series chronicling a year at a special public school in Boston, the Mission Hill School.

The videos (each about 5 minutes) ask important questions, such as:

  • What does it take to make a school great and sustain it over time?
  •  What does great teaching look like?
  • What does a teacher need to be a great teacher?
  • What makes a mind come alive?
  • How do we connect academics to the broader social context?

Filmmakers Tom and Amy Valens, who spent a year filming at the school, had the goal of telling “a story about a single school that will inspire other schools to share their own stories, and prompt more of us to ask the big questions about the future of public education in America.”

The last video of the series launches tomorrow, and each episode includes a slew of suggested resources for reading, watching, listening, and doing.

Check out A Year at Mission Hill and be inspired!

~ Marsha

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