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Teen starts litter clean-up program, becomes CEO of his own green org (via Grist) (6/4/13)

“‘The Talk’ – How to tell your 8-year-old about climate change” (via New American Media) (6/4/13)

“Park-protection fight in Istanbul sparks nationwide protest movement” (via Treehugger) (6/3/13)

New data show students experiencing less bullying, fear at school (via Education Week) (6/3/13)

“Smugglers drive Thailand’s gruesome trade in dog meat” (via CNN) (6/3/13)

Corporate sustainability (on its own) isn’t really sustainable (commentary) (via Grist) (6/2/13)

“Fired for being gay? Protections are piecemeal” (via NY Times) (5/31/13)

“Battling deforestation in Indonesia, one firm at a time” (via NPR) (5/31/13)

Support for bicycling increases nationwide, including NYC (via AlterNet) (5/30/13)

“Terrible toll of fishing nets on seabirds revealed” (via Nature) (5/29/13)

“UN: Accelerating biodiversity loss a ‘fundamental threat’ to the ‘survival of humankind’” (via Common Dreams) (5/28/13)

“USDA inspector general: food safety and humane slaughter laws ignored with impunity” (via Huffington Post) (5/28/13)

More companies seeking non-GMO ingredients as citizen demand rises (via NY Times) (5/26/13)

As deadline for Millennium Development Goals nears, how are we doing? (via Christian Science Monitor) (5/26/13)

“Boy Scouts end longtime ban on openly gay youth” (via NY Times) (5/23/13)

“India bans captive dolphin shows, says dolphins should be seen as ‘non-human persons’” (via Treehugger) (5/21/13)

Bear bile trade in China draws increasing opposition (via NY Times) (5/21/13)

“Hot in my backyard”: the national conversation on climate change (via NPR – This American Life) (5/17/13)