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“Maine school engages kids with relevant problem-solving challenges” (via PBS) (5/6/13)

Young teen creates website to help protect animals (via Orlando Sentinel) (5/6/13)

“100 grannies proving activism knows no age” (via Iowa City Press-Citizen) (5/5/13)

“Indian shop owner, passionate for education, runs school for poor kids under a railway bridge” (via Washington Post) (5/5/13)

Fish seen using type of communication previously only observed with apes and ravens (via Psychology Today) (5/5/13)

“As death toll rises beyond 500, garment factory disaster ‘worst in world history’” (via Common Dreams) (5/3/13)

“Social emotional learning gets race to top boost” (via Education Week) (5/3/13)

Non-profit launches campaign to remind citizens of need for donations, not “likes” on social media (via The Verge) (5/3/13)

“The toy aisle is still sexist” but a few stores are responding to citizen pressure (via Salon) (5/3/13)

“Principal fires security guards to hire art teachers — and transforms elementary school” (via NBCNews) (5/1/13)

Malala’s global voice inspiring others (via CNN) (4/30/13)

Study shows labeling light bulbs as “green” not always a benefit (via National Geographic) (4/30/13)

“Student-formed integrated prom puts school on the defensive” (via Education Week) (4/29/13)

EU votes for 2-year ban on bee-killing pesticides (via The Independent) (4/29/13)

“Greenhouse gas levels highest in 3m years” (via Sydney Morning Herald) (4/29/13)

“Sustainable” palm oil not so sustainable (via Grist) (4/26/13)

“24-hour shifts and deportation threats: the world of U.S. guest workers” (via Mother Jones) (4/25/13)