Latina woman draped in U.S. flag & wearing handcuffsWhen exploring issues related to human rights, the environment, animal protection and culture, images and video can be powerful tools. There’s a lot to consider in what we do and don’t notice; in how issues are framed; in what voices and stories are left out or misrepresented; in what habits and behaviors are considered “normal”; and more.

Two resources valuable for helping humane educators use  images and films in exploring social change issues are Sociological Cinema and Sociological Images.


Sociological Cinema

Created especially for sociology teachers Sociological Cinema  features and analyses videos and other multimedia through a lens of various social issues  The website offers two especially useful tools. First, it posts information and summaries about videos and films on social issues. Then, the blog highlights resources and offers analysis through a sociological lens. For both the blog and video sections there are extensive lists of categories and tags to help educators find useful teaching resources. (Note that many of the videos may contain adult language or other situations.) Sociological Cinema is a great resource for humane educators wanting to bring these issues into your classrooms and communities.

Sociological Images

Sociological Images offers analysis and discussion of images (often from media and popular culture) “that span the breadth of sociological inquiry.” It includes great examples for exploring everything from gender to violence to racism to class to education to animals. Posts are organized by topic (look for the “select tag” drop down menu), so that browsers can see all the posts related to issues of interest. Be aware that some of the images are pretty explicit.

There are some really amazing and horrifying examples here — great conversation starters, eye openers and arrgghhh! inducers. A useful tool for sparking discussion on and diving deeper into a variety of humane topics.