“What issues do you care about? What aptitudes and skills can you bring to bear on those issues? And what do you love to do? … Go out and do your life’s great work joyfully and purposefully. Because this world needs you so much.”

We’re excited to share IHE president Zoe Weil’s newest TEDx talk, How to Be A Solutionary. Zoe highlights how vital it is that we each find our solutionary path, and, using factory farming as a case study, offers examples of how others have merged their passion and skills to work toward solving the issues they care deeply about. As Zoe says,

“Anyone who says that we can’t feed the world through humane and restorative agriculture, that we can’t develop clean and renewable energy sources to meet our needs, that we can’t produce products ethically and sustainably or be safe without war, or cure diseases without animal experiments, or have thriving economies without endless growth in the GDP simply lacks imagination. And perhaps will.”

Author, activist, and visionary changemaker, John Robbins, said this about Zoe’s talk:

“I loved watching this presentation by Zoe Weil, and feel uplifted, informed and strengthened by it. Her clarity and her compassion ring absolutely true for me — in a way that is only possible when someone’s heart and head are in alignment. Thank you, Zoe, for providing such a potent gift to us all. The more people who hear and heed this beautifully presented message, the more powerful we will be in building better lives and a better world.”

Please watch and share widely, so that others can find their solutionary path to creating a better world for all!

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