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Happy New Year! 2014 promises to be a year full of hope, positive change, and even more people embracing humane education.

We’re always curious about which of our blog posts our readers find the most interesting and useful, so we thought we’d share our 13 most popular blog posts from 2013:


13.  3 Tips for Teaching About Controversial Issues

12.  14 Children’s Picture Books About Homelessness

11.  Humane Education’s Time Has Come

10.  6 Resources for Teaching About Syria

9.  13 Resources for Teaching About Food Waste

8.  Thinking Critically: Who’s Responsible for What Happens in Sweatshops & What Do We Do About It?

7.  Representations of Gender in Advertising

6.  The Changemaker Trap That Actually Makes People Resist Positive Change

5.  Is TED in Bed with Monsanto?

4.  “Boys Can’t Do That!”: 3 Activities for Exploring Gender Roles with Young Children

3.  5 Assumptions We Should Try to Make About Everyone

2.  10 Children’s Picture Books About Kindness

and the most viewed blog post of 2013 ….

1.  5 Tips for Keeping a Sweatshop-Free Closet


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