by Zoe Weil

David Orr, professor of environmental studies at Oberlin College once wrote, “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.”

I love this quote. It reminds me of Joan Baez’ famous comment, “Action is the antidote to despair.”

We don’t have the luxury or the time for despair and hopelessness.

Many will say that hope and despair are not only nouns, rather than verbs, they are also emotions, not actions. True enough.

But we cultivate either hope or despair, either apathy or action, either myopia or wisdom by our behaviors.

Commitment and motivation may come from internal resources that seem mysterious, but self-discipline is something we can practice, and we have the capacity to choose to roll up our sleeves and act. When we do, we discover that hope accompanies us, attached at the hip to our MOGO (most good/least harm) deeds.

MOGO choices feed our faith that we can succeed in creating a healthy and peaceful world, and enliven our spirits as we do the work it takes to solve our challenges.

So make some MOGO choices today.

Get involved in changing systems, while you take steps to maximize the good and minimize the harm your daily choices have on yourself and others.


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