Partners & Colleagues


IHE is pleased to be in active partnership with the following organizations/institutions. We are currently collaborating to further one another’s missions and educate people to be Solutionaries. For more information about the outstanding work of each of these organizations/institutions, please click on their logo. 

Antioch New England logo

Antioch University

In partnership with Antioch University, IHE offers an M.Ed., M.A., and Graduate Certificate, as well as an Ed.D. concentration in humane education. 

Compass Education logo

Compass Education

Compass Education empowers learning communities to educate and act for a sustainable future. 

Global Teachers Club

The Global Teachers Club was founded to share and exchange ideas, issues, and updates; support each other related to challenges in education in our area; understand different cultures; communicate in English as an international language; and focus on teachers’ development and students’ collaboration.

SIMA Studios

SIMA Studios celebrates, curates, and distributes documentaries and creative media projects that advance positive social change and support content creators, activists, educators, and changemakers worldwide.

What School Could Be Logo

What School Could Be

What School Could Be provides pathways to re-imagine learning and implement the changes needed to better prepare our children for the future. 

Non-Profit Colleagues

IHE works with and is connected to many non-profits as well as with schools and districts across the US and around the world. These are some of the organizations we consider allies in the effort to create a more equitable, sustainable, and humane world.