West Willmore, Director of Advancement

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West Willmore, Ed.D., has been an invested educator since 2005 and has worked in many alternative educational settings through the years. West’s educational philosophy is anchored in holism; she feels that educating the whole human means honoring the interconnections between all learning dimensions–mental, social, emotional, spiritual, natural, creative, and physical. She believes that holistic learning principles have the capacity to support an individual’s health and well-being and can, as a result, yield personal transformation. She recognizes that it is personal change that subsequently drives collective, social change. The holistic principles reflected in the Institute for Humane Education’s integrated, solutionary approach have been consequential in shaping her evolving philosophy.

West Willmore is the Director of Advancement at the Institute for Humane Education while also working as an administrator at Rainbow Community School, a holistic school in Asheville, North Carolina. West holds an Ed.D. from Antioch University with a specialization in Humane Education. West also holds a Certificate of Non-Profit Management from Duke University and a Professional Fundraising Certificate from Boston University. She has an M.Ed., is a licensed school administrator, and holds a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education. West is a published teacher and has presented on the topics of holistic education, nature-based practices, and spiritual education at various regional and national educational conferences. West is also an avid rock climber, mountain biker, cyclist, trail runner, naturalist, and dog mom.