Victoria E. Chiatula, Ph.D., Regional Outreach Consultant

Dr. Victoria E. Chiatula is an educator, consultant, scholar, and the CEO & Founder of EdPro International (EdPro)—a multi-state licensed U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and State of Indiana—certified Women and Minority-Owned business. EdPro specializes in educational consulting and professional services and offers businesses, organizations, grades P-12 schools/school districts, higher education institutions, and  families quality-driven, reliable, and customized support with value-added sustainability integration to achieve  measurable results. EdPro’s sustainability integration optimizes clients’ assets and resources to build capacity  and growth. 

Education is a vocation profession for Dr. Chiatula. She has current professional licensures, certifications, and  varied work experiences with demonstrated competency skills. She has lived and worked internationally, focusing on, leading, and advocating for educational choice, equity, and access to improve the quality of life for  children, young adults, and their families. Her primary areas of expertise are grades P-12 pedagogical  instruction and learning; alternative education/philosophies using a ProActive Learning Framework; cultural  competency facilitation, curriculum development & mapping; training/coaching; and quality assurance audits. 

Dr. Chiatula has a solid professional history in developing transformative educational policies and practices.  She has served on various educational boards and as an Indiana State Representative for an educational  organization. She is experienced in outreach and building community-based partnerships and engagement, liaising with multiple constituents, stakeholders, and leaders to foster understanding and participation. She has worked with community agencies, schools, school districts, universities, and NGOs at the state, national, and  international levels. Her nearly 30 years in education are diverse. They span several areas, such as (a) education  consulting/training, (b) teaching elementary, middle school, and university undergraduate/graduate students, (c)  working as a district-level administrator, and (d) researching educational policy within the United States and  Africa. Dr. Chiatula has written several peer-reviewed research publications, a book chapter, & presented at  national and international conferences. Her research represents a diverse collection of professional  contributions to teaching and learning in the United States and global contexts—Africa. 

Dr. Chiatula has a Ph.D. in Cultural Foundations and Policy Studies, an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, and a B.S. in Elementary Education. She also has a School Administrative and Supervision Certificate. She is  licensed in both the state of Indiana and Illinois. In Indiana, she holds a professionalized General Elementary  License for grades 1-6 (7/8 Non-Dept.), a P-12 Director of Curriculum and Instruction License, and a P-12  Building Level Administrator License; In Illinois, she holds an Illinois Professional Educator License for grades  K-9 and a K-12 Type 75 General Administrative License. 

Dr. Victoria Chiatula’s ethnic origin is Nigeria, West Africa, and she has lived in the United States of America  for decades. Living, schooling, and working in Africa and the United States have given her a unique global  perspective. It has solidified her knowledge, skills, and competencies in working with diverse populations.  Throughout her career, Dr. Chiatula has received several professional honors, distinctions, and awards in the  United States and internationally from dignitaries, state governments, and several colleges and universities for bold steps in leading innovative education solutions.