Susan Mwai, Location-Based Solutionary Coach

Location-Based Solutionary Coach in Germany and in Kenya

As a class teacher in lower primary school, I believed I was a great teacher. Of course, I strove to uphold everything I knew to be right. In 2015, I applied for a job that I didn’t get, but the experience led to an encounter that ushered me toward the blessing of Humane education. Humane education opened my eyes to see my work through its own humane lens. Though I practiced compassion as a religious principle, I gained a deeper understanding of what exactly education should and must do to make empathy, compassion, and respect for people, animals, and the environment a normal way of life other than something one has to strive to have. For this reason, I decided to pass on what I have learned to as many teachers as possible.

Among many other professional development achievements, Susan is a qualified early childhood educator and a certified humane education specialist. She is also a solutionary educator and has partnered with IHE as a coach for the Solutionary Micro-credential Program (SMP). Earlier in her teaching career, she taught in primary schools, both national and international curriculum, and worked in an animal welfare organization where she taught animal welfare to children in Kenya and trained teachers on how to incorporate humane education in their lessons. Currently, Susan resides in Germany where she works as a private education consultant as well as in integration work with African immigrant families. During her free time, she enjoys reading about African history and cultures and listening to music.