Sinclaire Dickinson

Woman outside smiling at camera

As a child, I was anxious about the environmental destruction I heard about in sound bytes from family or on the news. Unaddressed in my schooling, these anxieties compounded.

As a young adult, I felt guilt and betrayal upon learning the systems of animal violence I had unknowingly perpetuated with my choices for so long.

Weekly, I feel my eyes opened to human injustices that I have been unaware of and–when unaware–unmoved to join the search for solutions earlier.

These are the threads that led me to humane education, first as a graduate student and now as a member of the team. IHE’s programs provided a space to talk about the most important issues that often go unaddressed in our culture—now I’m eager to invite more people to join the conversation.

Sinclaire Dickinson comes to IHE from a background in digital copywriting and content planning. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor’s in Strategic Communication, Sinclaire worked in digital marketing roles spanning wear-all-hats start-up agencies to check-the-org-chart international corporations. Sinclaire likes storytelling, strategic planning, playing with words, and watching ideas spread…particularly when they are ideas worth spreading.

As a humane educator, Sinclaire is exploring consumer education, and how we teach the principles of most-good-least-harm to more consumers. She’s building Conscious Consumer as the digital catalog of this exploration.

Sinclaire is a certified yoga instructor currently teaching in West Palm Beach, a writer waiting for her poems to get picked up, a reckless cook, and an intermittent artist.