Sinclaire Dickinson, Marketing & Communications Manager

Woman outside smiling at camera

Sinclaire comes to IHE from a background in digital marketing strategy and content planning. After graduating from Texas Christian University with a bachelor’s in strategic communication, Sinclaire worked in digital marketing roles in both wear-all-hats start-up agencies to check-the-org-chart international corporations. Sinclaire likes storytelling, strategic planning, playing with words, and watching ideas spread…particularly when they are ideas worth spreading.

However, some the ideas and norms advertised today are not worth spreading, and Sinclaire began to feel the weight of this from her time in the marketing world. With a desire to align work and values and put her energy toward something that would improve the health of our planet, it’s people, and our fellow animals, Sinclaire pursued a master’s in humane education with IHE via Antioch University, which she completed in 2023. As a humane educator, Sinclaire is exploring consumer education, and how we teach the principles of most-good-least-harm to more consumers and businesses.

Sinclaire is a certified yoga instructor currently teaching in West Palm Beach, Florida, a writer waiting for her poems to get picked up, a hoarder of fun vegan recipes, and an intermittent artist.