Michael Tobias, Ph.D.

Michael Tobias

The President and CEO of the Foundation is Michael Tobias, a global ecologist, anthropologist, historian, explorer, author and filmmaker.

Tobias obtained his Ph.D. in the Department of History of Consciousness from the University of California-Santa Cruz. Tobias has lectured widely. He was an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies & Adjunct Assistant Professor of English and the Humanities at Dartmouth College, an Associate Professor of Humanities at California State University-Northridge, the Garrey Carruthers Chair of Honors and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque, and a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies and Regents’ Lecturer, at the University of California-Santa Barbara.

Tobias is the author of more than 45 books (both fiction and non-fiction, as well as several edited anthologies). In addition to his numerous books and published research papers, Tobias has written, directed, produced, executive produced or co-executive produced well over 100 films – TV series, documentaries and dramas, most pertaining to environmental, cultural, social or scientific issues. Tobias’ field research has taken him to some 80 countries where he has specialized in an interdisciplinary approach to environmental history, animal rights, scientific, ethical and philosophical frameworks for policy research, strategies and documentation, demographic analysis, ecological anthropology, biodiversity conservation, and non-violence activism. In 1996, Tobias received the “Courage of Conscience Award” for his commitment to nature and non-violence. In 2004 he was the recipient of the Parabola Focus Award for his long-standing body of work aimed at creating a better world.