Lisa Burnell, Social Media Specialist

Woman smiling holding pit bull

“…Who knows what else tomorrow will bring? So, I nod my head yes, because it is true, the future is always working, always busy unfolding better things, and even if it doesn’t seem so sometimes, we have hope of it.”
― Abi Daré, The Girl with the Louding Voice

There have been many moments where I have had to hold these words close to my heart; moments when the gravity of the world has brought me to my knees. Living in South Africa, I am unable to ignore the education inequality and the perpetual and consequential crises it creates. We need a radical shift in thinking and believing if we are to address the broken systems in this wounded world. Humane education has taught me that “even if it doesn’t seem so sometimes, we have hope of it.” I see the work IHE is doing, and I feel the hope that it brings.

And so together with this incredible team at IHE that I am humbled to be a part of, I look the world in the face, and I nod my head yes.

Lisa has a background in documentary photography and storytelling within the nonprofit sector. Her work focuses on using visual and written media for research, cultural investigation, and advocacy into socioeconomic and urban issues. She holds an undergraduate in Anthropology and Sociology, an Honours degree in Anthropology, and a master’s in Women’s and Gender Studies. Lisa is particularly interested in documenting humans’ complex relationship with animals and the environment. 

Lisa currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa, surrounded by Pitbull companions and foster puppies.