Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Liesl Ulrich-Verderber Laughing Headshot

Liesl Ulrich-Verderber joined the IHE Board in 2024. She grew up and currently resides in rural Northern Vermont in an agrarian community among centuries-old family farms in the heart of Vermont’s Maple Sugaring tradition. She has been an advocate for improving education systems for students for over 15 years.

She earned her BA from Harvard University, where she crafted and taught curriculum for high school students through the Leadership Institute at Harvard College. After graduation, she was asked to be Clarkson University’s inaugural Innovation Fellow by the university President. There, she spearheaded part of a $80 million innovation initiative to bridge the gap between the university’s business and engineering schools and foster solutions-oriented innovation and entrepreneurship on campus. Liesl has served on the board of the Vermont chapter of the Harvard Alumni Association and currently serves on several civic committees focused on community building and broadening local access to biking and walking infrastructure.

In 2015, she helped to co-found the Goodness Exchange (formerly Ever Widening Circles), a positive media outlet on a mission to change the negative dialogue about our times. In this role, she worked with over 1200 individuals and organizations making a positive impact on people, animals, and the planet to share their stories and reach broader audiences. During this time, educators came to her to ask if she could develop a purpose-built tool they could use in the classroom to connect the nuts and bolts of learning to the outside world. From these conversations, EWCed was born. This platform, launched in 2017, focused on engaging students’ curiosity with curated video content paired with guiding questions and opportunities for further inquiry. 

Liesl is now the Senior Digital Product Manager at Open Up Resources, a non-profit K-12 curricula publisher that delivers equitable learning experiences for all students. Outside work, she is an avid outdoors person, birder, and wildlife photographer who enjoys bikepacking adventures, backcountry canoe camping, and wilderness-focused semi-nomadic life with her partner.