Kacey Dewing, Facilitator of Solutionary Teaching and Learning

Woman outside looking to side of camera

During my 25 years as a classroom teacher in Washington and Oregon, I gleaned the resources that inspired my work from many sources, including IHE. I strove to teach my students how the world of past and present work – in all of its tragedy, and its potential – while empowering them with the skills to understand that world, their interconnected place within it, and their responsibility to improve it. Central to my teaching was the belief that knowledge becomes the power to do good when combined with intellectual skills and compassionate attitudes. 

As I transition to a new phase of my life, I am so excited to join the IHE team as a Solutionary Micro-Credential Program Facilitator so I can guide other educators, students, and changemakers to find greater meaning and inspiration in their teaching, learning, and lives. 

I earned B.A. degrees in geography and international studies from the University of Oregon, and then attended the University of Washington, with a year of study abroad in Syria and Egypt to earn master’s degrees first in Middle Eastern Studies and then in Education.

I currently live in Oregon with my husband Scott, my daughter Emma, and our dog, Dasha. I also have a daughter, Sophia, who is in graduate school at State College Pennsylvania. I enjoy travel, gardening, hiking, camping, and playing soccer.