Julie Meltzer, Ph.D., Director of K-12 and Teacher Education

Julie Meltzer, Ph.D., is a self-described “pragmatic visionary” who is committed to creating schools that truly help students prepare to successfully meet their futures. She is a tireless advocate for literacy, justice and equity which she sees as integrally related. Julie supports teachers and administrators to develop collective efficacy within and outside of her district. She agrees with Zoe Weil that our best hope for the planet is to educate a generation of solutionaries. After extensive experience in education including as a teacher, teacher education faculty member, consultant, researcher, program evaluator, and project lead, Julie took the position of Director of Curriculum for the MDI Regional School System, a small school district near Bar Harbor, Maine. In this role, Julie has the privilege of overseeing and building the school system’s capacity relevant to all content areas K-12. Julie is a published author, sought-after speaker and editor/reviewer. When not focused on teaching and learning, Julie enjoys hiking, dancing, writing poetry, reading international women’s and children’s literature, and working for social and environmental justice.