Jeremy Jiménez

Jeremy Jiménez ( is an assistant professor in the Foundations and Social Advocacy Department at SUNY Cortland. He received his PhD in International and Comparative Education from Stanford University, his MA in sociology (Stanford), and his MEd in social studies education (Rutgers University). His publications have primarily focused on school textbook analysis as well as students’ and teachers’ engagement with social justice issues (such as anti-racism, environmental justice, and gender identity). He teaches future teacher candidates about race, class, gender, international, and ecological issues, increasingly from indigenous perspectives. He has previously taught high school social studies for over a decade in Norway, the United States, and Venezuela. Having now studied, conducted research, and/or traveled in over 160 countries around the world, these days Jeremy prefers to spend his time hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing and cultivating his permaculture garden (and treasuring the beautiful biodiversity that emerges).