Davy Davidson

Davy Davidson joined the IHE Board in 2023 and currently lives in Los Altos Hills, CA. Her interest in the power of education to develop great citizens started in the 1970s with earning a BA in Education from the University of Massachusetts. Many decades later in 2012, she received her Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from ITP in Palo Alto, CA. In the intervening years Davy spent a good amount of time volunteering for several organizations that help animals and the environment. She was President of the Board of the Animals Agenda for 8 years and led board fundraising efforts at the Environmental Volunteers, an organization for students dedicated to fostering a love of nature along with some of the sciences of nature. Davy currently serves on the boards of Brighter Green, Circle of Life, and the Urban Wildlife Research Project.

Davy traveled extensively around the world as a communication coach to McKinsey management consultants. That work trained executives to think of their listeners’ needs before trying to make a change. Davy enjoyed coaching people in the animal rights movement to do the same, and to communicate to build bridges where there are differences. In 1999 Davy raised private equity and opened an organic vegan restaurant company, VegTime in San Francisco. Now retired, Davy remains an avid vegan advocate as the foundation for remembering compassion for all. She enjoys time in nature with her husband and family whenever possible.