Dana McPhall, Adjunct Faculty, Institute for Humane Education/ Antioch University New England

“I believe that the greatest gift we can give to children is the belief they can make the world a better place. Growing up, I often felt a deep desire to make a difference in my own life and in the lives of others, but rarely felt empowered to bring about positive change. Fortunately, as an adult, I have had the opportunity to be an advocate for people, other species, and the environment, and am committed to ensuring children and young adults gain the substantive knowledge and the pro-social, critical thinking and leadership skills needed to become changemakers themselves.”

Dana McPhall has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit and government sectors. In 2015, Dana graduated from the Valparaiso University/IHE Master of Education-Humane Education program, and she also has a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Public Policy.  Early on in her career, Dana worked to protect and to seek justice for low-income women and children exposed to domestic violence and for animals suffering from cruelty and neglect.  More recently, Dana has dedicated herself to promoting humane education in both K-12 and higher education. After receiving her M.Ed. degree, Dana volunteered with IHE as part of both the Alumni Association and Curriculum Advisory Boards.  Last year, Dana joined IHE’s faculty at Antioch University, and teaches Human Rights, Environmental Ethics, and Race, Intersectionality and Veganism.  Dana also chairs a working group of IHE staff and alumni dedicated to integrating racial justice issues more deeply into the field of humane education. Dana is exploring ways to expand this work, especially in terms of teaching educators, advocates, and parents about the systemic roots of anti-Black racism and the exploitation of non-human animals.